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Welcome to the online rantings of me, Naruto Uzumaki-aka future Hokage! Believe it!
Feel free to talk to me or ask me anything! I'll try my best to answer ya! Tumblr manager Nana will draw replies for questions she is able to do so with. Pls be patient if replies aren't instant! *



What crazy idea, silly? I’m still rooting for you and Sasuke :3

Do report it here when you finally give it to your dad! :D Yeap, no eggs. Maybe wasabi can help spice it up. You know, more oomph and stuffs :>

Knock yourself out.  You’ll be rooting for a long, long long time. 

I don’t know…wasabi?  Sure it’ll give it more oomph but i don’t wanna kill him with crazy combinations ya know? Maybe we can add a little to the icing? 

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