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'The Proposal'

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Naruto Shippuden Calendar 2012 ~ Version B

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How are you and Gaara getting alone *winks suggestively*


"I saw Gaara just the other day when he came to the village to meet with Obaa-san! He—Uh, have you got something in your eye, grey face?"


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"Etto…You look familiar, ‘ttebayo. Who are you?"



"Listen here you little naive shit..I am no shadow clone..Tch." His eyes narrowed as he said. "Last time I saw you..I almost killed you…I’m your Dark half…but I suppose you’re to weak minded to remember that." He was now annoyed as hell and wanted to hurt the other but would wait until the right time, nothing pissed him off more then being forgotten. "Idiot.."


"Who the hell are you calling ‘naive’ and ‘weak minded’, asshole?!" In a mere instant, Naruto felt his quick temper sweep through him like the rush of a wild storm. 


”’Almost’ killed me? HA!” The blonde leaned forward, exaggerating a derisive laugh. “The fact that I’m still standing means you obviously failed and I kicked your sorry ass! If you were much of a challenge maybe I would’ve remembered you.”  Yet beneath the haze of his temper, he had the vague sense of recollection. It was as if he’d seen Menma in a dream of sorts.

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